Build a Cheap 24V 20A Battery Charger

I have a 24 volt battery bank I use to run an off grid well pump. On cloudy days, sometimes I want to run the well to test out sprinklers, etc. So I wanted a battery charger that could put out 20 amps if I connect it to my generator. Ends up you do not go to Wally World and get a cheap 24V battery charger. The ones I found were expensive, and put out less then 20 amps. So I bought a used 24 volt transformer on eBay for $50, got a 40 amp diode, cut up some wood I had in the corner and put it all together to see if it would get the  job done.

The diode PN I used is FERD40H100STS. When I hooked it up, it worked well. With the well pump running and the battery bank voltage dropping to about 22V, this charger was pumping about 450 watts into the battery bank. Close to the .5 KVA rating for the transformer. As the batteries charged, the power went down. Once the batteries were mostly charged, it was putting out about 200 watts. The plate the diode is mounted to is the positive out, the other wire coming out of the transformer is the negative connection. As you can see, I have 1/4 ” bolts for the + and – so I can put jumper cables between the charger and the battery bank.

If I had to build it over, I would have put a fuse somewhere (you should), and would have made the plate the diode is on bigger (it gets hot).

I have some extra diodes. If you PayPal $4 I will drop one in the mail in the USA. Or you can find them online. The main thing is to watch eBay or such sites and find a good deal on a used transformer. New they are pricy.


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