Minka-Aire Fan Reset Remote Code / Frequency RCS213

The 3 year old was playing with the fan remote and managed to take off the battery cover and scramble the code / frequency switches. It ends up relinking the fan and remote was easier than feared, but not knowing this, I tried to do it the hard way first.

Thinking I needed the get the code off of the fan receiver, I took the fan down. But the receiver had no switches on it. Instead there was a sticker saying to reprogram, remove power from the fan, and within 60 seconds, press the fan off button for 5 seconds. The light will flash to indicate the remote is paired and you are done. I did these steps and it worked as claimed. Note I went to the breaker box and turned off power there to make sure the fan had the power removed.

Posting this in a blog post in-case it helps someone else, and to remind me to not take the fan down the next time the codes get scrambled by our little cutie.

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2 Responses to Minka-Aire Fan Reset Remote Code / Frequency RCS213

  1. Chuck says:

    Will not reset no matter what I do many times. Battery, power etc etc

  2. Jeannine says:

    We are having the same problem…4 fans (two each set to a single remote) have stopped working at the same time. We have tried resetting numerous times with no success. Fans had been working fine for 12 years up until now…we cannot turn them off without turning off the circuit breaker.

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