Electronic Design

Services we provide:

  • Analog and digital circuit design
  • Circuit board design
  • 8051 based embedded controller systems
  • Software development
  • Industrial control solutions

The tools we use:

  • OrCAD Layout for board design
  • OrCAD Capture for circuit documentation
  • Keil C51 compiler for 8051 software development
  • AutoCAD LT and Visio for mechanical documentation


Design Showcase

Below are a few examples of designs we have provided our customers.

Race Boat Transmission Controller

TC2000 Drive train controller.
A custom design for Traction Products of Costa Mesa, Ca. this 8051 based embedded controller provides full fly-by-wire control of multiple transmissions. In addition to allowing the driver to control the transmissions with the touch of a button, this system does away with the need for a clutch in the drive train by synchronizing the transmission dogs before engaging the requested gear. The success of the system speaks for itself. Run in the Nomad/zerodefect boat during the 1996 US season, the boat went undefeated all season and won the title of US-1 open class US offshore champion. We handled all aspects of the design including circuit (analog/digital), PCB, firmware and software. We also developed a Windows program to program the dozens of parameters adjustable in the system.

Below is the Nomad boat running post season at the world championships in Key West, Fl.

Nomad / Zerodefect boat


Drop Sensor

Developed for Eagle Vending Machines, this design detects objects that fall through a chute. The object is detected when one of 16 infrared beams is broken.

Drop Sensor


Production Monitoring System

Based on the 8051 micro controller, this design monitors the operation of industrial machinery and records production and engineering data around the clock. The units are networked together by way of a RS-485 based network and a Windows application displays and logs captured data.

Production Monitoring System


Partial Customer List

Mattel Toys

Olin Corporation

Endevco Corporation

Radio Satellite Integrators Incorporated

BBI Source Scientific (Boston Biomedica, Inc.)

Magnum LLC (Industrial Control Systems)