Frigidaire Gas Range FFGF3053L How to Remove Top

I had some flaky igniters on a Frigidaire Gas Range Model FFGF3053LSF but was having a hard time finding out how to remove the top. It is obvious you need to remove the screws on the top that attach the burners, but it was not clear how to get the top to disconnect from the range body. Below are the 4 screws I needed to remove, after which I was able to pull forward and up and get the top off. The knobs are easy, just pull them off.

FFGF3053LSF front plate screw left
FFGF3053LSF front plate screw right
FFGF3053LSF top plate screw left
FFGF3053LSF top plate screw right
What it looks like under the hood. The front left burner has been removed for service.

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