Ion Block Rocker iPA56 Bluetooth Aux Port Repair

Our 2 two year old, cute and destructive, directed her wrath at my Block Rocker breaking off a mini plug in the aux port. I tried without success to get the tip of the plug out of the aux jack and moved on to swapping out the 3.5mm jack for a more toddler proof 1/4″ jack.

To get the top off, remove the the 4 screws in the front, the 4 silver corner caps and one small screw in the back near the pull up handle. If yours is the same design, you should be able to gently pull up the top and get to the control electronics as seen below, moving slowly as to not damage the wires that are connected to the base.

The mini jack is sealed on all sides, preventing me from getting to the broken off plug tip that was shorting out the jack. Not seeing another option, I used a soldering iron to carefully heat up and work out the jack. Once the 3.5mm jack was out, I tacked on a white, black (gnd), red wire set to run to the 1/4″ jack mounted to the top as seen below. From what I can see, the white and red signals are summed on the board to convert stereo to mono.

Below you can see the 1/4″ jack on the top, and the empty 3.5mm aux jack. Everything seems to work the same, the new jack is much stronger, and if it did get broken, it is easy to pop off the top and get to the open access jack from the back.

Happy Block Rocking!

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