TD01 Monitoring Module Details

The TD01 monitoring module has been designed with one purpose in mind -- to monitor the production of your machine or process around the clock. The TD01 costs less than a PLC, requires no programming and comes ready for installation. The TD01 has been battle tested in the plants of some of the worlds largest manufactures and proven itself dead reliable in some very harsh environments.


The connections of the TD01 are described below:

  • Alert Input - Used to signal a condition on the real time display that requires attention. Examples include an operator help button or a material low indicator.
  • Cycle Input - Connect to a signal on the machine or process being monitored that pulses once for every manufacturing cycle.
  • Run Input - Connect to a signal on the machine or process being monitored that turns on during production. Used to track up time, down time, down count, etc.
  • Reject Input - Used to count rejects. Pulse one time for each rejected part.
  • DR1 - DR12 Inputs - These 12 inputs are used to track down time by reason. When the run signal goes off, or one of these inputs change, the event is recorded in the down log, the down count for the respective reason is incremented and down time is recorded under the respective down reason. (TD01-DR12 only)
  • Status Output - Outputs a 0V signal if status is stop, 5V if the status is run and 10V if the status is fault. Fault status occurs when the current cycle time exceeds fault time.
  • Abacus Network Port - Used to connect the module to the daisy-chain network running to all the modules and back to the host computer.
  • Power - Used to power the module. A constant source of power is best. Power must best present during machine operation, shift change or staring and stopping jobs.


The TD01 comes standard in the Hoffman A1008CHQR NEMA 12 enclosure. Follow the link below for enclosure details.


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