Abacus Monitoring System Components


Abacus Base System

Includes host software, Abacus network converter, 2 TD01 data collection modules and network address programmer. With the addition of a computer running Windows 95 and a printer, the host system is complete. Hookup wire (available below) to connect the TD01 modules to the machines and back to the host completes a 2 node real time monitoring system.


TD01 Data Collection Modules

Once you have the base system up and running, add TD01 data collection modules to expand your system to the number of machines or processes you want to monitor.


CH03 Communication Hubs

CH03 communication hubs break a network into 3 fully buffered sub-networks. CH03 hubs are most useful for large systems (over 30 machines), or long run networks (over 3000 feet / 1000 meters).


1000 Feet Network Wire

1000 feet / 300 meters of wire we have tested to properly work in the Abacus network daisy chain.


Machine to TD01 Hookup Kit

Includes 500 feet each of red, blue and yellow wire and 100 chase nipples. Based on our experience, we recommend one of these kits to wire up 25 injection molding machines. However, due to wide variations between different types of machines, this is only a loose recommendation. If in doubt, order extra as this hookup wire is a small part of total system cost and running out of wire during an installation can be far more expensive in terms of wasted time.


Installation Tool Kit

A collection of tools which can make the installation process much faster and easier. Includes a 1/2" knock out punch for installing chase nipples, a 3/32" x 2 1/2" precision screwdriver that properly fits system screw cages, a crimping tool, a wire striper and an utility knife. All tools have have been tested to work properly with the other supplies we sell and are top quality.

Example Configurations

10 Machine/Node System

Abacus Base System 1 unit

TD01 Data Collection Modules 8 units

1000 Feet Network Wire 2 units **

Machine to TD01 Hookup Kit 1 unit

Installation Tool Kit 1 unit


100 Machine/Node System

Abacus Base System 1 unit

TD01 Data Collection Modules 98 units

CH03 Communication Hubs 2 units

1000 Feet Network Wire 10 units **

Machine to TD01 Hookup Kit 5 units

Installation Tool Kit 1 unit


** Network wire amounts are a guess as we do not know the layout of your plant.

Installation supplies (wire, tools, etc.) should be available locally, but are offered as a matter of convenience and to maintain standard wire types and colors worldwide.


On-site installation assistance is available at additional charge. Inquire for details.


All specifications subject to change without notice.


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